Grade 2 News April 22 - April 26

Posted: April 23, 2019

Hi Everyone!

Welcome back! I hope you had a good Easter holiday with your family.

Phys. Ed - Our Phys. Ed days this week are Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Library - Our library day is on Tuesday, so make sure you bring your book back so you can sign out another one.

Homework/Borrow-A-Book - The homework for the week is listed in the red folders. The spelling words focus on word endings. When we add /ing/ we drop the /e/ and add /ing/ and sometimes we have to double the last letter and add /ing/. The word work activity is on word endings. In math we are working on estimation. When we estimate we make a good guess of about how many we think there are. We are continuing with our work on reading comprehension. Read carefully and re-read if you have to. Find the answers to the questions in the story and underline or highlight and then circle the right letter for your answer. Please make sure that you read your book each night and record it on the log sheet.

Math Games - Math games go home on Tuesday and are to be returned on Thursdays. Have fun playing the games with your family.

Earth Day  - We will be celebrating Earth Day on Friday by asking staff and students to wear blue and green and to bring a litterless lunch. Our next unit in You and Your World will be about how we can help the environment, so we will be finding out about lots of good ideas and why everyone has to do their part.

Have a great week!