Home Learning- Week of April 6th.-10th.

Posted: April 6, 2020


20 minutes daily- choose from picture books, comics, recipes, graphic novels, flyers, chapter books...

Writing/Word Work

Unscramble the following Easter words:

1. ingrsp      6. skbtae

2. stpilu       7. eelljnsyba

3. ggse yded  8. ymifal

4. ccetoolha   9. thingnu

5. ieadcsn     10. eeottrhg

Challenge #1- learn to spell the Easter words.

Challenge #2- make an Easter card for someone. Use some of the Easter words above and include a kind message, riddle, poem...be creative, be silly...


This week it's all about dice!!

Games- Race to 100- 2 or more players- each player has their own paper/pencil. Roll 2 dice and add the total. Record. Take turns. Continue adding total to previous total until a player hits 100, and becomes the winner.

Challenge #1- change the winning number to 200, 500, you decide.

Challenge#2- multiply the numbers you roll. Then add on next roll. Keep going until you hit winning number.

Challenge #3- use 3 dice. Add, and continue adding until you hit winning number.

Board Games using dice are great too! Snakes n' Ladders, Trouble, Yahtzee, Monopoly....

Go to splashlearn.com and take the same steps as when we are in the computer lab. Class code: MYGZCN. Your password is in the back of your agenda.


Today is the 17th. day of spring! :)

Divide a piece of paper into 6 equal pieces, and label...HEAR, SEE, SMELL, TOUCH, TASTE and COOL STUFF. Take your paper and a pencil and go outside. Play. Laugh. Enjoy nature. Go for a walk with an adult in your house. Using all of your senses, fill up your sheet.


What is New Brunswick's provincial bird? Did you hear or see one?