Grade 6H Music and Grade 7M- "Too Hot for Bach?!"

Posted: May 25, 2020

Good morning everyone. I hope you had a great weekend. The weather was fantastic and I have a sunburn to prove that! Grade 6 I hope you enjoyed the videos of  "Farkle McBride" and "George Meets the Orchestra". Grade 7M- if you want to review this material just click on my name and scroll back to all of the posts I've made starting at April 6th. You might enjoy revisiting some of the music videos we looked at in class. I know Luke especially will enjoy watching "Cutie Pie and the Other Guy" plus his all time favorite; Kenny G! 

Grade 6H and Grade 7M: Since we don't have any instruments at our disposal, I thought we would spend the last 2 weeks learning about a few of the great composers; Bach-Beethoven and Mozart. Grade 7 students have already studied Bach and I think a little on Beethoven?, but we can always review. On this website, I want you to click on the "Baroque" and read the definition. Music periods are divided in history to match the art and architectural style of the day.  Once you've read the definition-go back and look at the story of Bach- 2 paragraphs. You can then scroll down to where you see "Shows about Bach" and play the audio. They tell the story of his life nicely and include the music pieces listed on the page. There is a short little quiz but you don't have to do this. I have 2 really fun tests to do on Bach. I think grade 7 did these last year? Gr. 7, you can review this material- but I know you are eager to get back learning the guitar-and we will in September. It is looking like some pretty hot weather coming our way tomorrow, so try to take a look at this tonight or Wednesday evening. Tomorrow will be too Hot for Bach!!  I couldn't resist- Sounds like a rap we could compose together! My creative wheels are already spinning!!   "The temperature is climbing- it's getting really hot- Supposed to do my homework-but it's too hot for Bach!!