City of Miramichi Election Candidates

Posted: April 28, 2021

 In your group - Select 3 candidates to contact: 

   1. Write a formal email explaining who you are, what class, school, subject, and why you are emailing.   

   2. Explain that we are emailing questions to all City of Miramichi Candidates and if they would like to participate in answering student questions? Tell them it is part of a school mock City of Miramich Election we are doing. 

    3. Explain that we would appreciate the answers emailed to us, but also if they could also sum up their anwers in a short video it would be greatly appreciated for our students to be engaged and watch each cadidates ideas before our mock election at school. 

Remember to thank them for their time and sign,

sincerely,  your full names and Nelson Rural Students. 

Then Write down their name, contact information and add to the sheet of set questions to come up with your own questions, on issues that matter to teens/youth? 

Remember, to write open ended questions - Please Explain, Please Describe etc.