Grade 8K and 8B Class Updates - April 6

Posted: April 6, 2016

Today in Grade 8K and 8B: (Silent Sustained Reading and response - 15 minutes)

  • Vocabulary in Context: We reviewed finding 4- 5 words with your new found comprehending vocabulary in context skills and used them with a Finding Vocabulary in Context Organizer, with strategies to help from the news article.
  • We examined how clues were used to help find meaning for your words, as well as the strategies you used. We began to look at determining what were the most important paragraphs of the article.
  • Pubic Speaking: We examined and studied our new sheet on Public Speaking Strategies for Success.
  • Tomorrow: We will review Public Speaking Strategies for Success, and study indicators of strong and weak speaking. Then we will  judge Mr. Bosma as he gives some small mini speeches, writing down idicators for his success and difficulties. Finally, we will discuss and learn to understand the three types of speaking assignments: Spoken Word Poetry, Formal/Informal Speech and Presentation.

Homework/Reminders:  Read 30 minutes, log and respond.  

  • All persuasive argument/essay rubrics are to be signed as well as Reading Notebook/Binder rubric to signed.