Grade 7H and 7P Class Work and Updates - April 4

Posted: April 4, 2016

Today in Grade 7P and 7H: (Silent Sustained Reading and response - 15 minutes)

  • We practiced finding at least one word from our reading which we were unsure of the meaning. We used the word itself, as well as clues from the sentence it was in and surrounding sentences and students wrote them down in their Reading Skills section.
  • Public Speaking Unit: We learned about the importance of pronouncing words correctily, and the meaning of enunciation. Using interactive games on the smartboard we practiced enunciation of various tongue twister sentences.
  • We reviewed the important Speech Writing Strategies for Success.

Homework/Reminders:  Complete meanings and clues from word (vocabulary in context) during today's reading time.

  • All persuasive argument/essay rubrics are to be signed as well as Reading Notebook/Binder rubric to signed.