Dear 8B Parents/Guardians and Students - Virtual Learning Explanation

Posted: January 7, 2022

Dear 8B Parents/Guardians and Students

Hello everyone. I hope everyone had time to enjoy the holiday season with family. I realize as a parent myself that this return to the school year is difficult for everyone.  I am asking if anyone has any questions or difficulties about their child signing on to our Microsoft Teams page (students have all done this at school) or with any other concerns to email me at

Link to the TEAMs page is on my Nelson Rural Teacher page which can be googled or can be found at:

Starting this Tuesday Jan. 11 until Friday Jan. 21 we will have online virtual classes following their regular class schedule (attached on my Nelson Rural teacher page). While we will meet virtually on TEAMS for lessons for 20 to 30 minutes, the remainder of time will be spent on individual practice, assignments, and for questions. Also, students are reminded to read independently for 30-40 minutes a day (There will be a learning packet with reading skill work to pick up Monday).

This Monday Jan. 10 between 12pm and 4 pm parents/guardians and students can get books (including French, Math, Science and English Language Arts duotangs/binders and textbooks) and any other needed materials form their lockers. Someone will be at the school after these hours if needed. Also, for Mr. Bosma there will be a learning packet of papers to help them with lessons these next two weeks.

8B Students: Mr. Bosma is going to focus on ELA and resume Social Studies when we return to the classroom (hopefully on Jan. 24). If you miss an ELA virtual class you can sign on during the SS class to get explanation. You can also use the TEAMS chat to ask questions or Mr. Bosma’s email.

Reading Material Resources:

1)    Students can sign into their Sora accounts:

2)    Students can use their New Brunswick Library cards to sign books out through overdrive    and download the Libby app.

3)    Sign a book out on Monday from my classroom library