8K and 8B Class Work and Upadates - April 7

Posted: April 7, 2016

Today in Grade 8K and 8B: (Silent Sustained Reading and response - 15 minutes)

  • Vocabulary in Context: Students were given a Finding Vocabulary in Context organizer (which is also under documents on this teacher page) and made columns to continue finding their own vocabulary in context from their own reading each week. Mr. Bosma gave a goal of 3 new words or more a week.
  • We reviewed Public Speaking Strategies for Success, and studied the provincial speaking indicators of strong and weak speaking(rubric). Then in our small groups we judged Mr. Bosma as he gave some small mini speeches, writing down idicators for his success and difficulties.

Homework/Reminders:  Read 30 minutes, log and respond.

  • Begin writing down vocabulary words you are not sure of in your vocabulary/word bank section of your Reading Binder/Duotang and fill out the finding in vocabulary in context chart.  
  • All persuasive argument/essay rubrics are to be signed as well as Reading Notebook/Binder rubric to signed.