8B Students and Parents/Guardians

Posted: November 2, 2021

Hello everyone. This is not an easy time trying to learn from home, and I truly hope we are back in the classroom soon. If you have not been able to get on Microsoft Teams through your Microsoft Office account, there is a link on the right hand side my teacher page. 

Also, please email me if you need help logging on or are having any difficulties. We are following our class schedule each school day with Teams video meetings. Until you can log on to Teams, please follow your 72 hour packet page you took home and that is linked on this teacher page below. 

I have also linked all the home learning explanations, links, and attachments we have been working on during Microsoft Teams classes this week for students to catch up (if they couldn't log on). All assignments and Quick Writes can be sent to Mr. Bosma through your email or through Teams. They will be assessed/marked. 

Take care, 

Mr. Bosma