7P and 7H Class Work and Updates - April 14

Posted: April 14, 2016

The past two days in Grade 7P and 7H: (Silent Sustained Reading and response - 15 minutes each day)

  • We reviewed Public Speaking Types of Delivery: Formal/Informal Speech, Spoken Word Poetry we discussed and saw an examples of the strengths/speaking strategies in each.
  • We chose our speech delivery type and brainstorm topic ideas, including funneling our top two ideas to be more specific and focused.
  • We learned about finding accurate and legitimate websites, and how to source where our information comes from, including puting words into our own words and stating who said the quotations we used on our Research Note Organizer - Website (located under documents on this teacher page).
  • We went to the lab and began our research for speeches/presentation/ spoken word poem, while using our research note organizers.

Homework/Reminders:  Read 30 minutes, log and respond. Fill out vocabulary in context chart as you find words.