Nelson Rural Students Outstanding at NB Drama Festival: Bring home 8 certificates of recognition.

Posted: May 9, 2017

Nelson Rural School should be very proud of the performance and overall class act of how the middle school Drama Club conducted themselves at this past week’s New Brunswick Drama Festival. From the stage crew and the girls doing make-up, to the awesome performance of all actors on stage, the cast and crew of The Real Inspector Found? were truly amazing. Along with fantastic notes and numerous compliments from experienced and professional adjudicators, the cast and crew also got praise from students from other schools. Nelson’s production was one of other selected plays who received an Outstanding Production recognition certificate, which is due to the effort of the entire cast and crew. Nelson was also honored with a special adjudicator’s mention to Shaye Vienneau, Brianna Gallagher, and Mackenzie Briggs for “Old Lady Chorus Acting”, as well as Outstanding leading actor for Kayleigh Dingwall and Alisha Sturgeon. In fact, every actor on stage was fantastic, and brought their performances to the next level.

The play was also acknowledged for Choice of Material/Script and Outstanding Directing, the latter which was completely due to the commitment and talent of the cast and crew of students. Congratulations! Also a huge thank you to Mary Hache` and Brandy Connick for their time and patience in chaperoning during Drama Festival and for all their help. A further thank you to all the students, staff, parents and community, especially Beaubear Co-Op for your support of our Drama Club. The play The Real Inspector Found? will be performed in a desert theatre later in May at Nelson Rural for the community.