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Inclement Weather

Policy and procedure regarding inclement weather and school cancellation.

PDF icon inclement_weather_2021.pdf Nov 29, 2021
School Uniform Policy File nelson_rural_school_uniform_policy.docx Sep 5, 2019
School Start-up 2020 and Covid-19 Communication #1

School start-up 2020, Covid-19 Parent Communication Notice #1

File operational_plan_communications.docx Aug 14, 2020
Grade5 PH Schedule Microsoft Office document icon grade_5_ph_schedule.doc Jan 28, 2011
Level 2 Sports & Recreation Guidelines

Updated Sports and Recreation Guidelines for Level 2 Winter Plan

PDF icon sportguidance_lvl2_mu2.pdf Feb 4, 2022
Green Team Memo File green_team_memo.docx Jan 9, 2020
ASDN School Operational Plans Memo

Please read the attached memo about the ASDN School Operational Plans which will be posted on September 3rd, 2020. 

PDF icon asd-n_school_operational_plans.pdf Sep 1, 2020
Link to Horizon Network Survey in English File social_media_promotion_picture_and_survey_link_english.docx Jan 13, 2020
Cafeteria Menu for September\October

Here is the NEW Cafeteria Schedule for the months of September and October! Just a reminder that there is a contest for students to win a free lunch for the year as well as one for the teachers! The teacher contest is only for the first term and there will be another the second term. 

PDF icon nelson-septoct_cafeteria_schedule.pdf Sep 3, 2020
Making the Choice

French Immersion Registration and Information Sessions for 2022-23

Microsoft Office document icon making_the_choice-asd-n.doc Apr 1, 2022
Link to Horizon Network Survey en francais File social_media_promotion_picture_and_survey_link_french.docx Jan 13, 2020
Covid-19 Operational Plan - September 2020 Draft

Nelson Rural School's Operational Plan is a fluid document that has been developed in relation to the Province of New Brunswick's Return to School Document in response to the current global pandemic.  This plan is based on our own school situation, population and building.

PDF icon nelson_operational_plan_covid_2020-21.pdf Sep 3, 2020
Middle School Supply List 2022-23

Updated School Supply List for Middle School Classes

File school_supply_list.docx Aug 16, 2022
Coronavirus Information and Guidance

Please read the following document on the Coronavirus

PDF icon coronavirus_covid-19_for_schools_returning_after_march_break_final.pdf Mar 6, 2020
Memo from Superintendent: School Closures PDF icon memo_for_closures_october_20_2020.pdf Oct 20, 2020
Elementary Soccer Jamboree 2022

Elementary Soccer Jamobree is this Friday morning (October 21st).  Parents are responsible for transportation, snacks, and lunch.  Students may come to school and leave in time for their first game and return to school after their last game if they choose.  Note:  lunch time at school is from 12:15 - 1:15.

PDF icon Elementary Soccer Jamboree - Oct. 21, 2022 Oct 17, 2022
Coronavirus Memo Update PDF icon memo_march_9_covid-19_signed.pdf Mar 9, 2020
Joint Statement

Please read Joint Statement

PDF icon joint_statement_letter_-_october_2020.pdf Oct 30, 2020
Inclement Weather Q&A

Questions and Answers for Inclement Weather Closures

PDF icon inclement_weather_qa_nov_22.pdf Nov 15, 2022
COVID 19 update March 11, 2020

Here is an update and clarification about the Coronavirus Memo sent out on march 9th

Microsoft Office document icon qas_03.11.2020.doc Mar 11, 2020


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